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Backfill Materials

Backfill materials:

  • Bentonite products are used daily to offer an environmentally friendly option to seal the borehole after work has been completed. Bentonite is a clay product which is mined from the ground and available in many different variants, depending on clients requirements.
  • Bentonite pellets are the most common product/method in use, as they offer an easy hassle free way of sealing the borehole, these comes in a pelletised form approx 5-8mm in length.
  • Bentonite powder is a rawer version which needs to be ideally mixed with water and then applied to the borehole.
  • Bentonite granules, as a granular form which has a `flake` appearance to it and is more commonly used in quarries or landfill sites
  • Bentonite cement grout mix is stocked in standard 2:1 mix, this has a cement ratio added to it and is in powder form which is mixed with water and pumped into boreholes usually at depth to fully seal up boreholes from the bottom up.

All products stocked in 25kg bags as standard.

Filter materials:

Filter materials are used in boreholes where there is a need to have a filter in place for a substance, usually water to be filtered through before entering the plastic installation pipe. Quarried silica sand is offered in different grades below and has been washed, dried and filtered to the particular size required.

Filtered glass is also offered as an alternative to the quarried sand, this is fully a recycled product and is also washed, dried to take any sharp edges away and filtered to sizes below. Both these products are stocked in 25kg bags but can be available in 1 ton dumpy bags as a special order.