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Bespoke Designs

Clamps – bespoke designs

We manufacture and can provide many different types of clamping systems for your needs. These are used to temporarily hold the steel casing in place so various work can continue. Some of our standard designs are solid round spider bowls, linked spider bowls and a hydraulic clamp set, although we can work with the customer to come up with any other design required. We can also produce basic pipe clamps for our plastic pipe range.


As well as standard product lines, we can provide engineering solutions to customer’s requirements and drawings. We will look at anything that is put forward but will swiftly inform you if it is something we can do.

We are able to manufacture stillages from simple warehouse to offshore liftable designs, which have load certs with them. We also do such things as water tanks and a new collapsible design of tank, which can be carried in the back of a vehicle.