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Borehole Covers

These are predominantly steel construction and are used to provide a safe a secure access point for boreholes that need to left open for future monitoring etc. We provide a whole different range of borehole covers and sometimes it is really down to the customers personal preference. Please see below options on covers.

  • 4″, 6″, 9″ Square steel covers, with a square access point locked with allen keys bolts.
  • 6″ Pemco cover design, these have a forged cast round flush fitting top with a tin neck which can be inserted approx 6” into the ground.
  • 6″, 8″ Daisy covers are used as a more heavy duty range and generally used on petrol forecourts or where traffic is likely to pass over. These also have a neck that is inserted into the ground but have a flange that sits flush fitting onto surface.


  • Above ground covers are used in quarries, landfills or field areas. These can be made in various diameters and just about any length but standard is 500mm or 1000mm. these are locked via a key alike padlock and a slide lid.