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Coreboxes and Coreliners


Coreboxes are used to safely store retrieved core samples from site to laboratory for testing. Drilling supplies manufactures all our wooden coreboxes in-house and are the largest supplier in the UK. We can manufacture any size or variation required by the customer, but stock sizes tend to be in 1mtr or 1.5mtr lengths in standard core sizes. We have also recognized the need for a plastic alternative, so we stock these also in 3 or 5 channel sizes complete with lid. These are sometimes preferred due to easy stacking when empty or if they are for an overseas contract etc.


PVC coreliner is used in coring systems to keep core samples more intact when being extracted from the core barrel. This is in a clear PVC material and is in a rigid but flexible material.We pride ourselves on keeping a large range of liner sizes and are one of the largest suppliers in the UK. Many standard sizes are stocked in large quantities in lengths 1-3mtrs but most sizes can be made to order. We can deliver next day to most of the UK on the majority of your requirements.