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Coreing Systems

Coreing Systems are used to obtain ground samples, usually by Rotary or percussion method, these are carried out to various depths depending on clients requirements. These samples are required for various lab tests and to give the client the information for their project.

Here at Drilling Supplies we can offer the customer different coreing systems to suit their requirements.

We stock conventional barrels as listed below:

Type HWF 412 PWF SWF T2-101 T6-101 T6-116 T6-131
Size 98.8mm 107mm 119.9mm 145mm 101mm 101mm 116mm 131mm
Core Size 72mm 73mm 87mm 107mm 80mm 76mm 90mm 103.5mm

We also offer ranges to suit Wireline drilling, which is becoming more and more common requirement, as they achieve excellent quality samples to great depths.

Please see below main sizes offered.

Type Size Core Size
HQ3 96.1mm 61.1mm
PQ3 122.7mm 83mm
Geobor S 146mm 102mm


All systems are offered in 1.5 & 3mtr lengths and we keep all accessories such as Extensions Tubes, Catcher Boxes, Core Springs etc on shelf. To suit all our Rotary Corebarrels we compliment these with our Corebit range of different variations.