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Installation Materials

Plastic installation pipework:


Our installation pipework is manufactured in both PVC and HDPE materials and is all flush jointed to aid in an easy install. Pipe comes in plain casing and slotted variations with 1mm or 2mm slots and can be supplied in 1 or 3mtr lengths as standard.

PVC pipe is supplied in following sizes:

Outside Dia  27mm  33mm  42mm  60mm  88mm 113mm 125mm  140mm  165mm  225mm 280mm
 Inside Dia  22mm  25mm  35mm  52mm  80mm  103mm  115mm  127mm  150mm  205mm  250mm
 Wall Thickness  2.5mm  4mm  3.5mm  4mm  4mm  5mm 5mm  6.5mm 7.5mm  10mm  12.5mm


HDPE pipe is supplied in following sizes:

Outside Dia Inside Dia Wall Thickness
63mm 51mm 6mm
90mm 80mm 5mm
110mm 97.4mm 6.3mm
140mm 124mm 8mm
160mm 142mm 9mm


We stock all ancillary products to suit all sizes of pipe, including bungs, screw caps, push caps, gas valves, couplings etc.

Filter materials:

Filter materials are used in boreholes where there is a need to have a filter in place for a substance, usually water to be filtered through before entering the plastic installation pipe. Quarried silica sand is offered in different grades below and has been washed, dried and filtered to the particular size required.

Filtered glass is also offered as an alternative to the quarried sand, this is fully a recycled product and is also washed, dried to take any sharp edges away and filtered to sizes below. Both these products are stocked in 25kg bags but can be available in 1 ton dumpy bags as a special order.

Filter sand Filter glass
3-6mm 3-6mm
6-10mm 6-10mm