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Mini Rig Tooling

Because of recent economic restrictions, budgets for site investigations have become lower and smaller `SI` jobs are becoming more common. Mini rigs are a lower cost answer to this and here at DSHS we manufacture all our own tooling for these rigs.

We manufacture windowless sample barrels in the following sizes:

Barrel Liner Size Length Back end Thread
115 101-102mm 1-1.5mtr Q/S or Whitworth
101 87mm 1-1.5mtr Q/S or Whitworth
92 77mm 1-1.5mtr Q/S or Whitworth
79 67mm 1-1.5mtr Q/S or Whitworth
72 57mm 1-1.5mtr Q/S or Whitworth


We also stock the following in our standard product range:

  • Sacrificial & DPSH cones
  • Whitworth & quick start rods
  • Dynamic probing rods
  • Complete windowless barrels
  • Rod spanners
  • New prime steel casing

Please contact us if you don`t see what you need or if you require something special making, please just let us know your requirement.