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UT100 and SPT Hammers

We manufacture different product lines for soils sampling including the fairly new euro code `7` system. This is a thin wall sampling system for obtaining undisturbed samples via a thin wall tube, which is then contained in the steel tube and extruded in the lab. We manufacture UT 100 steel tubes, cutting shoes, catcher baskets and also any crossovers etc. needed. These are normally stocked in good numbers for immediate despatch and can also offer different variations of material of treatment.

As well as the UT100 System we also still supply the original U100 sampling. Product lines that are used with plastic liners but also steel tubes and all shoes, Baskets & heads available. To obtain the undisturbed samples we manufacture A heavy duty sliding hammer complete with API threads, this enable us to offer a more complete package.

SPT drop hammers are also manufactured in-house and are used to obtain a SPT sample to conform to BS standards. These have a drop of 760mm with a drop weight of 63.5kg and come complete with a calibration certificate. We can also perform repair work to your old hammers and generate a new calibration cert as required every 12 month period.